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Friday, October 8, 2010

at last .. =)

ouh, thnx a lot coz at last u accept me..
i dun know what t0o say but i'm very2 appreciate it..

seharian b'jln2 di JJ b'same.. sanadsanad besh okay.. n i'll never forget everytink that happen there.. :DD

ini yg anda na ken?? sgale2'y prlu dilakukan apabila kte b'semuka.. so, kte da dpt kte sepakat n hope masing2 puas aty k..

i know, utk p'mulaan nie mgkin susa utk anda arrange sgale2'y but i'm sure u can.. so, do the besh to make everyone satisfied..

lastly, thnx a lot b.. i love u so damn much !! hope our relation will stay 4ever n ever.. :))

info :-
hari : Jumaat
masa : 3.35pm
tarikh : 8 oktober 2010

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